Monday, June 13, 2011

Colored light in the interior

    Colored light is with a lot stronger affects to our senses rather than the bright walls or objects in the room. With the click of a button she is capable to change the attitude of us, to activate or otherwise - to delay certain processes in the body and to transform the entire home interior. This has been successfully used in bars and restaurants where the owners aim to create a special atmosphere.
But why not take advantage of the magic of light and color at home? And thus with the dropping of the night we can turn the white room in purple, pink or blue. This can be done with different tinted bulbs or lampshades. When selecting colors, however, we must comply with the mood we want to create.

     Blue lights to stimulate thinking.
Cool Light stimulates brain activity and increases concentration. The blue light is perfect for creating an ideal atmosphere for work or study. Consider table lamp in blue for your home office or nursery and use it whenever you solve problems or memorize information.

     Fabulously green.
Green is the color of living nature and tranquility, but the fairy spirits. So depending on the shades you can achieve different effects. Dark green light soothes and is a great prelude to sleep. Bright green - on the contrary, creates a festive atmosphere and mood without tired eyes. You can use it in every room.

     Sun rays
The yellow light is associated with the sun, so creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and creates a cozy atmosphere. Most suitable for living room or kitchen - the room where the entire family gathers for dinner and conversation. Hour or two before bedtime, however, is better to avoid it, because by preventing the production of the hormone of sleep.

     Passionately Red
Not accidentally the streets of sin are lit by red lanterns. All shades of that color awakening libido and prepare the body for feats - accelerated heartbeat and breathing. Use them to freshen up your life, for example by placing a red lampshade in the bedroom. However, provided an alternative lighting, quiet dinners, where you just want to sleep, as red light-stimulated nervous system.

     Violet Inspiration
Violet light gathers in itself the energy of red and crystal clarity of the blue color. That’s why this color is considered to contribute to creative inspiration and is preferred by artists.

It is best to use colored light like decorative objects - not as a fundamental element in the interior, but as a side effect of creating one or another mood.


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