Thursday, June 2, 2011

Concept modular kitchen by Kilian Schindler

This is a project of concept kitchen design pointed and mobility and modularity. The design studio that created this product form the sketches to finish product is Kilian Schindler based at Karlsruhe Germany.
The design of Concept Kitchen is created by Kilian for The Germany Company “Naber” specialized in production of kitchen accessories. The designers try to show to the world what in there believes is top class German design look.

 The system of this module kitchen is presented from three different parts that can be combined or used separately. The first module is fitted with storage area for kitchen utilities and worktop, another is with sink and cupboard elements, the next is for cooking with oven and autarkic cooking top, here we also have a little working area. Some of the modules have steel frames on them that are possible to be customized with the position of the hanging kitchen utilities.

Another interesting thing in the design of the Concept Kitchen is that it is completely movable. You can reposition all of the modules in the kitchen as you wish what’s more you can easily move them in another room or even apartment or house. This is really one contemporary kitchen with good design and functionality.


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