Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eco Lantern by Franklin Gaw

This is another design that is practice well designed and eco friendly. The device is called Eco Lantern and is designed by Franklin Gaw living in Pittsburgh, PA who is studied in Carnegie Mellon. Franklin Gaw appreciates the simple solutions that can make our lives easier and better. What’s more his designs are ecologically friendly and save the nature. One of them is the Eco Lantern. The idea behind the project is to combine the typical lantern with terrarium for growing of plants.

With his creation and the design of the eco lantern he accomplished to create a bond between the people and the environment. The lantern itself is like a little ecosystem helping you to grow a plant and in the same time light you way in the dark. The eco lateen is composed from three parts, the handle for carrying the devise which has an on and off switch for turning the light inside. The light source inside the body is led light. The LED light use very small amount of energy and can be lighted for longer time.

The second is the body which is made from transparent acrylic. And the last part is the Removable Base this is where the seed is planted. Overall the process in the Eco Lantern is the following, you plant the seed into the base, wait it to grow with the day and night help from the light and when it’s big enough you take the top handle off and the acrylic body. The sapling is on the base and you just need to replant it on the forest.


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