Monday, June 13, 2011

Flexible DINO Lamp by Deger Cengiz

This is another Led Lamp that combines creativity and effectiveness in one. This is the Flexible DINO Lamp. The lamp is created by the designer Deger Cengiz. The led lamp is composed from two general parts the base of the lamp and the flexible neck. This is very eco-friendly product. The material used for making the DINO lamp is wool felt. This material is water-resistant can be biodegradable in nature. 

As we already mention the neck of the lamp is flexible. This helps you focus the lamp in the right direction you want the light beam. The neck can even be twisted so the light is behind the base of the Flexible DINO Lamp. Another great advantage of this modernistic design lamp is its base. The base is shaped like a cup that can hold a lot of stuff. You can store there your pens, office supplies or even money change. The DINO lamp comes in three differ colors – red, blue and green. The dimensions of the lamp are 20"h x 6"w x 6"d. The lamp is no cheap. If you want to have it at your home you can get it for about 190 $.


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