Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kitchen Bull by Toro Legno

This is one very interesting kitchen accessory. We present you the Kitchen Bull by Toro Legno, but don't worry if you wave something red it’s there to help you and not to attack you. The main concept of the Kitchen Bull is to keep you busy and entertained while you are waiting for some food go be baked fried. Toro Legno present us with little book shelf suitable for our kitchen worktop. The Kitchen bull is made from Australian plywood. It has 10 slots for kitchen utilities. As the bookshelf is also and knife block. This modernistic furniture not only looks good and keeps your kitchen books (or anything you love to read in the kitchen) but also is functional. 

As we mention you have 10 slots for scissors, shears and knifes. But that's not all on the other side the designers make a place for putting board. The dimensions of Kitchen Bull are 63cm L x 26 cm W x 31cm H as in this overall size you get 29cm L x 26cm W for the book shelf and  31cm x 23 cm for the cutting board. The design is really simple and sleek so it will fit very well in every modern kitchen. One downside is that for your money you will get only the wooden piece of the Kitchen Bull everything else knifes, books and the cutting board is not included. Nevertheless this is really good addition to everyone’s kitchen.


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