Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lamborghini Madura Concept

Lamborghini again provoke us with this concept car design. The car is named Madura after the famous island in Indonesia. The island is well known with the bull races there that are why the Lamborghini team chooses that name. The design of the car is made from Slavche Tanevsky student at University of Applied Sciences based at Munich. This must be the first hybrid car from Lamborghini and the release date is se t somewhere in 2016. 

The design is made with the collaboration of the designers at Lamborghini and Audi factories. The main line in the design according to the designer of Madura is that eco friendly and hybrid cars don't need to be ugly and slow but can be very beautiful and in the same time fast. The design is distinguished with sleek headlights big air diffusers and curved hood. The car is two-seater with big wheels as the rear tires are wider that the front for better traction. The Lamborghini Madura is very aerodinamical and has a special blade spoiler starting from the top of the car and ending at the rear. The engine is hybrid and will be using electrical power making it most cost efficient and ecological.


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