Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Tools by Yi Cong Lu

Living tools are designed by Yi-cong lu. He is born in Berlin Germany in year 1982. Yi-cong lu graduated Bachelor Degree in Product Design at Design Academy Eindhoven at year 2009, and next year finish his Diploma Degree in Industrial Design at University of Art and Design Burg. Now he is livening and working in Leipzig. His designer Living tools are designed to make peoples life easier in the variety or rooms and their function. This collection is presented on DMY 2011 at Berlin. 

Yi-cong lu wanted to change the environment of the people according to their needs. You can create with living tools a spacious living room, at the next moment turn it to cause bed room or even in conference room.  One item of the collection is the Light Boy. This helps you bring light everywhere you need it. The Light Boy can be freestanding or even hanged on the wall like a broom. The materials used for creating the Light Boy are birch wood, felt, PVC also he used textile and sand for filling. The dimensions of this tool are 60 x 205 x 30 when the light is folded, and when unfolded 60 x 205 x 200 cm.


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