Wednesday, June 22, 2011

London 2012 Basketball Arena

This is the Basketball Arena build in London for 2012 Olympic Games. The building is massive and in the same time with remarkable design that will be remembered. This building will probably become one of the landmarks of London. One genus idea of the designers and construction companies is that the whole building is movable and portable.  It will be dismantled after the games are finished and would be build elsewhere where it is needed. This is the largest portable venue for any game ever builds. The basketball arena has 12000 seats. Near the Arena there will be BMX arena and Velodrome. With this designers tried to use with maximum efficient the available space.

 The construction begins in 2009 and was finished in June 2011. The steel frame of the building is more than 1000 tones.  The arena will host grouping matches (men’s and women’s) and woman’s quarter-finals also. There will be hosted also and Handball, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby matches. The London Basketball Arena is located in the north of the Olympics Park.


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