Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert

This is the 'Maritime' chair. The chair is designed by UK designer Benjamin Hubert. The chair is made for Italian furniture company 'Casamania'.  As the name "Maritime" recalls the design of the furniture is inspired by traditional techniques of wood shipbuilding. The materials used in creating of this piece of art are only ash plywood. Benjamin Hubert designed the chair to look very simple and wanted to show the process of design and the joins holding the pieces of the Maritime chair. 

The curves of the chair are following the grain of the timber used for constructing. The internally used plain wood is skinned with the formed ash plywood. As we already mention the supports of the Maritime chair are left visible. For achieving strong construction and stability the designer used the ribs holding the chair from outside and enabling the minimal use of wood and materials. This is the main variant of the chair but you can find and with translucent dyed colourways.


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