Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Modern Interior

Today's interior design more than ever, uses elements from different cultures and eras. Mixing leads to a blurring of boundaries between traditional styles. Even more difficult is to separate them from modern style and to determine its most characteristic features. This is what we will discuss in this article. Feature of modern style are clean lines and smooth, reflective surfaces without complicated details. This does not mean that the atmosphere in the home must be stiff and cold. Many fresh items and interesting design gives comfort and vitality of the interior. If you want your home to be decorated in contemporary style, you should pay attention to several key elements:

  • Colors - Modern design is dominated by neutral colors. The walls are preferred in earth-pastel hues and pure white. One or two accents in the room, however, must be alive and in vibrant colors. This may be decorative objects, sofa in the grass-green or even one wall of the room painted in a bold color line. The emphasis, however, must be measured, because the basic idea of contemporary style to create a feeling of simplicity.
  • Metal elements - Pure shine of the metal replaces the traditional decorative elements in modern decor. Most modern furniture metal parts are made of steel, nickel or chrome. Inox full reign in the kitchen and replaced all previously used materials and colors.
  • Fabrics - Silk and tulle are combined in perfect harmony with the smooth lines of metallic elements. Linen and wool are also preferred because of the natural atmosphere they create. Interesting accent in interior are wallpapers from textiles that add depth and texture to the room.
  • Wood  - The most characteristic for tree in contemporary design is its extreme colors, too bright or too dark shades. Combine bravely wooden objects and furniture in different styles, but try to be supported in a single color. This will create a stylish atmosphere of home.
  • Lightening  - Lighting is an important element of modern design because it highlights certain accents in the room. Instead of the traditional shade are preferred lights embedded in walls, floors and cabinets. They are usually made of metal elements and complement the shine of other flat surfaces in the interior.


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