Monday, June 27, 2011

Table by Elda Bellone

This is a table design by Elda Bellone. And not just a table but tAble because the table is able to fit in various situations and in different user needs. Elda Bellone was born in Teramo in 1971, now she live in Florence where she attended the Faculty of Architecture and graduating in 2000. The idea is very simple but the result is very modernistic and functional. What is brilliant is that you actually get two tables that occupy the space of one. 

The base table is the red table that is the bigger of both. The smaller one is transparent. This table is fitted on top of the bigger red table. This way you can arrange them to your needs if you need space and need one table just stack them, otherwise split them and you get two big tables. The usability and design aren’t affected from the way the tables are used. They look great and can be used as one table or as two different tables. However when the tables are combined we have more modern and finished design that is very eye-catching. The material used for production of these tables is strong and you don't have to worry what you put on top of them.


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