Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Interior Style

French word "vintage" literally means aged wine of exceptional grape crop. However, it has expanded so much its meaning that is now used to refer to the antiques of the early XX century that feel quite comfortable in contemporary interior. Vintage is not exactly retro, but rather the best of the past, which appears same time unique and obsolete. You can think vintage is too pretentious. Nothing likes that - it allows the combination of different styles, antique and modern items, with other words it does not set any limits to your imagination. This combination creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and harmony - a result that hardly can be achieved if the interior of your home is decorated in a single style. The only rule you must follow is that selected objects are not just old but they must be iconic symbol of a particular era or style.

The biggest advantage of the vintage is that it makes your home interior exceptional and individual. Effect which, of course, you can achieve with the most expensive designer furniture, but at what cost! And will it be that cheap. Rather, in this case you at first time ran through the family attic, where perhaps ruthlessly abandoned belongings of your dear grandmother. But even if you do not have a similar heritage, at the antique shops you can find many fascinating objects to recreate the spirit of past ages into your home.

Unlike decorative objects, however, true antique furniture cannot be affordable for everyone. So many famous manufacturers catch “the wave” creating new furniture with characteristic references of the past. Almost any material can be aged with modern technology. Artificial rust, green color on the bronze, blurred glass worn lacquer on the wood, paintings with broken corners creating completely reliable form of "antique" chairs, wardrobes and tables.

Yet none "newborn" furniture cannot copy the spirit of authentic items with decades of history. The important thing is to start from somewhere over time you can add other vintage items, accidentally discovered in the attic or in any antique store. However, there are a few iconic objects that are an absolute must for vintage decor - dresser with multiple drawers, a large table for the whole family buffet with windows from which to peer antique porcelain sets.

As for colors to be aware that the vintage is characterized by a combination of different natural materials like wrought iron, wood, ceramic, brass and linen. Accordingly, and colors must be natural. Bright colors are allowed only for small items, but even they are muffled by the relentless flow of time. To transform your entire home in the vintage style is a difficult task. But you can furnish with antique furniture only one room, such as living room, bedroom or the office. Once you start you will not pass any yard sale or antique store, and your home will be unique.


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