Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wall Plant Pods by Domenic Fiorello

Those are the Plant Pods by the designer Domenic Fiorello. He is an American who is living in Rochester, New York. He finished Bachelor of Fine Arts of Woodworking & Furniture Design at Rochester Institute of Technology at year 2011. This like pod planters are made from white oak wood and ABS plastic. This make them perfect to fit in any contemporary and modern home.

 The plant pods are designed as little shelves. The mounting to the wall save a lot of space and is also eye-catching. There is a lot of variety of plants that can be fitted in this spots, but the cactus is one of the best. It doesn't need a lot of human care and can be left on higher part of the wall. The Plant Pod can be used alone or a couple in combination on top of each other. The approximate size of these shelves by the designer Domenic Fiorello is 11.5x8.5x2.25.  These pods are with very sleek design and are perfect for any small or compact home.


CarolynVictoriaDay said...

These are cool - where can I buy them?

ModernDesign said...

I didn’t find them in any online store , but you can contact the designer at if you want.

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