Sunday, June 26, 2011

X-1 Carbon Chair for KEDO

This lounge chair is really a piece of art and truly fit in category of modern furniture. This is the X-1 carbon lounge chair imported from Italy and designed for Kedo. With its Italian design it's no surprise the design of the chair is so modernistic and sleek and looking rally classy. The concept of the design is inspired by aircrafts. The chair is taking the best of both worlds the superb design and the entire functional look you can get. But what you really receive?  You get a core for the chair from honeycomb Nomex material. This core is then combined with carbon fibers that gives it additional hardness and give the sleek look.

As you would expect the designer used only hi-quality materials for all the parts of the X-1 carbon chair. Hi-quality leather is used for the padded part of the chair. For your money you can choose the color of the leather. One additional extra is the head pillow that has system of regulation for you pleasure. The pillow can be position in three different positions. The whole body of the X-1 chair is designed to please you so it's shaped like a human body. The chair dimensions are as follows: 67” L x 24” W x 31.5” H. The X-1 lounge chair weight about 37.5 pounds. The price of the chair comes at no cheap, its 17 600 $ (about 12 220 €). But classy comes with patience so if you want to have this X-1 lounge chair you must be prepared to wait at least 6 to 7 weeks for delivery.


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