Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aquatics Centre for London 2012 Olympics Games

     The Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park site was recently completed. The building is designed and constructed for 2012 Olympic Games in London. The building is impressive with it shape, size and design. With a year to the start of the Olympic Games the construction is finished, the site is taking 2.5 square kilometer located in the southeast corner of the park of Stratford. The official opening will be celebrated with synchronization British diving. Tom Daley will be the first to splash the water in the pools. The grand opening will be exactly a year before official Olympics games start. 

The building cost is around 268 million pounds, so it is no surprise the result is great. The main design element it the Aquatics Centre is the roof. The shape is in the theme of the events that will be held in the building and it is like a Wave. A Big wave it is with a width of 262 feet and a length of more than 520 feet. The design is from Iraq-born architect Zaha Hadid.She has won the Pritzker Prize for her awe-inspiring designs all over the world. For now only the main building is finished, and there still need to be added greening trees and parks, but and now we can see the glamour of the building. The roof design is supposed to be like a moving wave that will fit perfectly with the environment around and the river nearby. The sports that are schedule for this Center are Diving, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Paralympics Swimming and Modern Pentathlon.

Another interesting fact is that during the 2012 games the spectators will be seated in two temporary wings that will be taken down after the Games. The Aquatics Centre have a 50 meters competition pool, a 25 meters competition diving pool and 50 meters warm-up pool and a ‘dry’ warm-up area for divers. This is one really great building and even the end of the Olympic Games at London 2012 it will still be landmark for the city.


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