Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cubico multipurpose furniture

This is the Cubico multipurpose furniture. Its form as the name suggests is like a cube which has vertical and horizontal slots. The designer is Alessandro Di Prisco who is one of the promising new architects. He was born in Naples in 1982.He graduated from Naples’ Universit√† Federico II. Alessandro lives and work in Italy. The Cubico is mainly designed as a storing table, but it can be also used as a chair a magazine shelf or even only as decorating accessory for your interior. 

The slots that are position vertical and horizontal can be fitted with newspapers magazines and even CD or DVD cases. The slots are situated on both sides of the cube in two directions. There are five slots vertical slots and also another five horizontal slots. The cube looks even better when filled with your daily stuff. The material used for creating the Cubico is fine wood as it is finished with hi-gloss polished paint. The box comes in variety of colors as some are blue white and green.


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where can i buy this?

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