Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elo switches by Realitem

Those are the Elo Switches that will break the square form of the boring old light switches and will bring freshness to your home. If you want to add something unique in your home this can help you. These electrical switches are designed by Realitem French Company. Elo switches bring freshness and personal feel to every room by just changing the electrical switches on the wall.

The idea is to make a unique design switch that will fit in every type of interior designed room and make it looking better and more modernistic. The Elo switches by Realitem come in the variety of materials and colors. The switch is with cylindrical shape as the diameter is about 90 mm and the height of the switch is about 20 mm. You can choose between switches with one or two knobs on them. The variety of materials is the following: you can select from Wood, aluminum, concrete, ceramic and plastic. As for the colors you get natural wood, polished or matt white, gray, black or even red. The offer also and sockets in the same shape and form. As always the beauty comes no cheap these switches can be found at the price around 53 Euros each.


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