Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Float Coffee Table by Liz Boscacci

Are you a coffee drinker, and like to take a couple of cups a day. If you are you will possibly like to drink it on some modern and intriguing coffee table so you don't get bored. Well there is such a table this is the designer Float Coffee Table that is created by Liz Boscacci that finished his education in California College of the Arts, San Francisco and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. The table is constructed from two main parts, the oval top form glass that is the surface of the coffee table and the base of this table that is made from turned mahogany balls with different size.

 The contrast is the main idea in the design of Liz Boscacci, we have the clear and simple glass top, and unorganized and form different sizes balls base. The idea of the base for Float Coffee Table came from the bubbles in the water, which are moving chaotically trying to reach the top of the surface. In this design the top of the table is the calm water and the mahogany balls the water bubbles. The size of the table is as follows:  height of 13 inches and 3 feet in diameter. This makes it pretty compact and suitable for every home.


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