Monday, July 11, 2011

Frendzy concept by Renault

     This is the new electric concept car by Renault the Frendzy. This new eco-friendly and multipurpose four door car was presented at Frankfurt Motor Show. The idea behind the concept is to make a car that is suitable for both business man and family man. People use their car for many of their responsibilities and this car mange very well to combine them. The businessmen driving the car at weekdays have a huge windshield that can be used as a information screen, displaying messages, mail, weather information and the remaining power of the cell.  At the weekends the Frendzy transform very fast into comfortable family car with big passenger seat and big bench at the back of the Renault car. At the back seat the passengers can browse into internet watch a movie or if you have small kids they can draw on specially designed slate that is build into the sliding doors.

     The car can really be turned into office on wheels. With the car you get a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that was launched by Research in Motion (RIM). With this device you get 7 inches touch screen display. You have Adobe Flash support, you can watch hi-definition multimedia and many business application. What's more is that you can control all the features of the car. The tablet can be plugged directly in the main console of the car or taken out and used by the user outside the vehicle.
     But let's see the outside and more of the internal design of the electric Frendzy by Renault. The car is with four doors as the front doors have no pillars and the top part is all glass. This make the look of the car finished, and give great visibility to the driver. The doors open in different way, the front two doors open as standard doors but the back door are open backwards as at the same time they can be slide to the back of the car. With this and opening all the doors we get really big space inside.

     The driver can personalize the car to his needs. When the car is in weekend mode the interior is lighted in calm orange and the rear view mirror swivel round horizontally. But when in working mode the lightening is green and the mirrors sit upright. Another extra is the chip counting and measuring the loading and unloading of packages from the trunk. This information is displayed on the information screen on the dashboard.


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