Monday, July 18, 2011

Hyphae lamp by Nervous system

This is the Hyphae lamp designed and created by Nervous System. These lamps are something that is never done before, and the process of making them is unique and very interesting in the same time. The Hyphae lamp series are organic lamps that are designed to look like the veins o the leaves. Each and every one lamp form this collection is unique and one of a kind, this is because the Hyphae lamps are "grown" on 3D printer. The material used for creating these designer lamps is nylon plastic.

The structure is very light but in the same time surprisingly strong so don't worry that you can break those fine structures of the lamp body. The lamp is also an eco-friendly it uses a LED light with 200 lumen and using only 3-watts for this. The light with the combination of the design of the Hyphae lamp creates beautiful and unique branching shadows on your walls and ceiling. The lamp can be used on 120 V or 240 V outlets so it’s available for using in all countries. The color that is used on the lamp is white. The dimensions of the lamp designed by Nervous System are 5.3in x 5.3in x 8in. If you like the lamp be prepared to spend 600$ for a single lamp.


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