Sunday, July 17, 2011

Icoeye pixel jacket for your books

This is Icoeye pixel jacket for your books. Many of us have a huge collation of books stacked at shelves on the wall. But as expected they are all different with different colors and titles on their spine. And somehow this looks chaotic and boring with no global design. But don't worry, Igor Udushlivy comes with unique idea that can help us change all of that. With his Icoeye pixel jacket we can change the boring appearance of our books and make them more fresh eye-catching and even turning the shelves of books into art. The idea is to wrap the books of the same size with his dust jackets (you can find template link at the end of this article ) and at their spine by using big pixels you can composite your slogan logo or just some motive. On the spine you get space for ten pixels vertically, by printing them on different positions and combining them with the books nearby you make the magic. This is great idea and will bring your book shelves to live and make them more interesting. If you like the idea and want to make your own icon shelf just get the template from the author’s webpage. Then print combines the books and enjoy.


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