Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Office desk "Google" by Danny Venlet

Are you a manager or a boss of a big company with a lot of respect and have huge office that you need to fill with something really classy and modernistic? Then all you need is to add in your office the Google Desk designed by Danny Venlet. The office desk is made for the furniture company Babini from Italy. The design is very simple but in the same time sophisticated and sleek. The form is very close to goggles from where the name comes. Also the design is vary aerodynamic. You can feel the lightness of the shape and form and the desk looks like almost lifted in the air. 

The Office desk comes in two general colors blue and white. The surface is polished and lacquered. The designers give you to choose the color of the inside of the desk from a various colors as yellow, pink, blue and others. This helps you fit this desk almost in any office with any color style. The desk from Danny Venlet has wooden drawers from the right side helping you store all the important documents and contracts you need. There is also additional table in the same design with fully filled drawers for more document space and giving the office space finished look.


Anonymous said...

How do I purchase one?

ModernDesign said...

Hello, and thanks for your interest.
The “Google” desk is designed for Italian company Babini.
You can see their website here:
Or contact them directly at:
But unfortunately they have offices only in Italy.

CamargoStudio said...

When do come to Brazil?

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