Friday, July 29, 2011

Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh

Today we are presenting to you one very modernistic and unique design, breaking the typical form and purpose of day life furniture. This is the "Pet Stool" by the industrial designer Eyal Hirsh from Israel. This is his final project at Shenkar College, Israel. The project idea is to bring a bit more joy and playfulness to our living room with "Pet Stool”.

The stool is made out of oak wood, solid yet very warm material. The detail that brings the attention to the stool is the textile leg, which was specially made, he penetrates the seat and going on as a friendly creature you can play and interact with. Inside the cushion leg there is a solid aluminum leg that keeps the stool by Eyal Hirsh stable, and allowing it to look mysteriously soft and floating. The cushion can be made in different colors bringing more freshness in the interior.
Here we have a video showing some of the features and possible ways to use the "Pet Stool"

Forget about the static and boring furniture this piece of design stool will make your day life very interesting and different every time you sit, sleep on or even play with your "Pet Stool".

As the designer Eyal Hirsh says:
 "My purpose in this project was to create a new interaction between us and our furniture around us, and through this experience, to allow us to feel different, and maybe act different and more free when were around the pet stool. To me it seems important to bring joy, and allow people to release their inhibitions more frequently then we usually do."


More information can be found at:  Eyalhirsh Daportfolio


Anonymous said...

Great work! looks amazing! the most funky stool i`v seen in a while. pure happiness

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