Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pickaboo accessories drawer by Kaia Lisveen

Every woman has a lot of personal jewelry and make up accessories. Sometimes all this stuff can make a real mess in your hall way or bedroom near the make-up mirror. But don't worry there is solution for all this mess to be hidden. This is the Peekaboo piece of furniture that is made to hide your mess and organize your accessories. This mini dresser is made by the designer Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen. The Peekaboo will bring freshness in your bedroom and will personalize your private space for accessories.

 The dresser is made from wood, as the drawers are covered will bamboo wood to give better impression, and the walls are painted in black so they can contrast on the drawers. The designer tried to escape from the typical cubical form of the drawers and make them oval. The opening is also interesting they are turned to be opened. This furniture was exhibited at Design and Architecture Center in Oslo, June 2011 at the Akershus University College Graduate Exhibition 2011. So if you are wondering were to hide all the accessories and want something modernistic in your bedroom just pick Pickaboo.


Anonymous said...

how much?

ModernDesign said...

Unfortunately Pickaboo accessories drawer by Kaia Lisveen is not for sale. It was bachelor work.

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