Monday, July 4, 2011

Volskar Lamp by Blue Nature

This is the Volskar Lamp Collection designed and brings to the big audience by Blue Nature. This is one very unique lightening collection. The design is very close to the natural look of the trees. If you have a couple of these lamps you will feel like you are not at your home but outside at the nature. The design of the Volskar Lamp is made from three general parts. The first is the base of the lamp that is form steel and is lacquered for durability and better look. 

The base has three legs that look like roots to the growing tree in your living room. The next is the tree itself it is from natural birch that have some little branches giving it more realistic look. And as expected for a lamp at the top we have the "crown" of the tree white lacquered lampshade that gives finished modernistic design to the product. The collection has three different height of the lamp, the smallest is 122cm in height, the next is 156cm and the highest is 187cm.


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