Friday, August 26, 2011

Lux Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

This is design of chair that changes the perspective of the regular chairs and brings something new and unique. You probably never expected to see the head of a Rhino at the back of a chair. But don't be shocked that much the head is not real. The Rhino Chair is designed by Maximo Riera. Whilst predominantly working in photography, painting and sculpture, he has also published a collection of poetry. Inspired by his travel and experiences through Europe and the Caribbean Islands, Maximo's vibrant use of color and evocative attention to detail have been an inspiration which convey the meaning of his creations and animal like chairs. He is born in Asturias Spain. He is now working in his studio in Cadiz Spain.

 The chair is tree-legged as the front legs are wooden and the back leg is played by the head of the Rhino. The chair is very luxurious and looks really stylish in the black color that the designer chosen. The chair is perfect presenter of the mixture of nature and classic home furniture and what’s more the result is very impressive. So if you have the guts to take this furniture to your room you won't be sorry. The chair is not only looking aristocratic but is also very comfortable.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tree Lamp Collection by Estudi Ribaudi

The nature is one of the most relaxing things. When we are in the nature we forget our job and stress. The design of the furniture that resembles nature plants or animal is very popular these days. The Tree Lamp Series by Estudi Ribaudi located in Spain is trying to achieve exactly this but and add something else. The idea of this collection of lamp is that the tree is growing from the ground and at the top where is the lampshade there is the beginning of the light. The collection of lamps can be purchased in different colors as the main of them are white and black. Estudi Ribaudi lamps come in big variety. 

You can order table lamps, hanging fixtures, and large, stand-alone pieces. The base of these lamps is made from metal as the lampshade is made from textile. All of the elements in the Tree Lamp line come with base that looks like a branches of a tree growing up to the lampshades. The collection is very fresh and is one very good way to bring the nature at home. Just looking at the lamps give you the feeling you are somewhere outside in the nature.

20 Modern & Contemporary Carpets for Home

This is one of our articles with 20 samples of interior ideas. This time we will show you various types and styles carpets and rugs that will be perfect for your contemporary and modernistic apartment. Now there is popularity in using carpets that combine couple of bright colors. There is innovation even in floor carpets, now big popularity gain the so called 3Dcarpets. They can be with 3D forms or some of them are cut to make the illusion of volume. One new innovation in interior design is the carpets made using new technologies that are perfectly suitable for wet spaces as Bathrooms. This is very unique and will give the bathroom a whole new look and will be very different from any bathroom you ever seen.

 It is very important to combine the color and template of your carpet to the overall design of the room and interior. For the interior of teenager rooms colorful and lively rugs and carpets should be chosen where as more classical rugs should be used to enrich the interior spaces and make it cozier and warm. Before selecting a rug you need to think which room interior are you buying it for. Another very important thing to consider when buying carpet is what is the room and what is the intensively of people that will walk over this carpet.

For Bedroom or your private office or library you can choose less durable and brighter carpet. But for the living room or the hallways you must choose carpet that will resist the hi-traffic over it. If possible choose darker color or material that can be cleaned easily. But most important is to get a carpet that you feel and think is good looking and will fit perfectly to the spot you chosen in your room.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spin Vehicle Concept by Matias Conti

Today we present to you a concept vehicle not only in design but in form and function also. The designer of this concept is Matias Conti. He is finished his education in National University of Mar del Plata. The designer is currently located in Beijing, China. His specialties are Industrial Design, Illustration and Industrial Packaging. Matias Conti is involved in the whole process of product release form design sketches, research to construction and manufacturing. 

The concept is named Spin vehicle. It can transform from one form to another. The main idea of the concept is to change the position of the driver and the height of the vehicle from the ground. The Spin vehicle is tree-wheeler as in the front there are two and one at the back. The wheels at the front are bigger for better control and traction. The steering on this concept is accomplished by two joysticks at the driver’s fingertips and also like regular motors the driver can use his own body weight for additional help at steering. The power from the battery that is position in the front is transfer to the wheel in the back.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Slice Glass Set by Vasiliy Butenko

This is one very unique set of glasses and bottle. The design is very innovative and modernistic and turns the idea of the regular drinking glass. The set is named Slice Glass by Vasiliy Butenko who is living and working in Ukraine. His main fields of work are Interior Design and Product Design. The idea behind the design is that the bottom of the glasses and the bottle are in angle and keep the liquid inside in very interesting and modernistic form. 

The glasses even empty are looking very good but when filled it is like the liquid inside them is floating in the air and is not touching the bottom. The glasses are made that way they can be used both ways. And again good idea from the designer is that when turned like upside down with the smaller circle up the glasses can be filled with more liquid that when in normal position. The set can come in various colors of the glass as also the glass can be matted. The Slice Glass set is perfect for you special moment when you are drinking hi quality and very special liquor. This is really eye-catching and will be very attractive to your guests.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tati and Kala lights by Arturo Álvarez

This is a lamp collection named The Tati and Kala sconce lighting fixtures by Arturo Álvarez. The studio is devoted to the design and production of all kind of decorative lamps. They try to make unique and very personal items that are suitable for private and public places. The studio is presented in more than 50 countries all over the world. The material used in this collection is metallic mesh and silicone. The design is very modern and perfect for the living room. The light coming from Tati and Kala sconce is mood and very soft and calm. The fixtures are static but the design is full of motion and life.

 The Tati lamp form the collection is with round shape with little circles texture. The Kala is made from different in length and shape lines.   The design of the both lamps in Tati and Kala collection is made that way the light is coming from the top and the bottom of them.  The material is semi transparent so the light comes in the front too. The result is very calm and relaxing light for everyone.

Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu

This is the Inception Chair. The design of this concept chair is made from the designer Vivian Chiu. She is born in Los Angeles but is raised in Hong Kong. Vivan recently graduated in Rhode Island School of Design in the Furniture Design department. The idea of the chair as it names suggests is taken from the movie with the same name. The Inception Chair is a chair within a chair within a chair. 

The chair is consisted of many chairs with various sizes as the biggest one is first and smaller is fitted inside. The material used for the chair is ash wood as every one piece and size is handmade. The size of the chair is 16" x 16" x 32". The combination is very strong and stable for seating, in the same time the construction is very easy to be assembled and disassembled. When looked from the sides or back and even from the front, there is the illusion that you are watching at least ten chairs one next to another. The separate parts are finished in design but can't be used separately because of a missing seating part.

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