Thursday, August 25, 2011

20 Modern & Contemporary Carpets for Home

This is one of our articles with 20 samples of interior ideas. This time we will show you various types and styles carpets and rugs that will be perfect for your contemporary and modernistic apartment. Now there is popularity in using carpets that combine couple of bright colors. There is innovation even in floor carpets, now big popularity gain the so called 3Dcarpets. They can be with 3D forms or some of them are cut to make the illusion of volume. One new innovation in interior design is the carpets made using new technologies that are perfectly suitable for wet spaces as Bathrooms. This is very unique and will give the bathroom a whole new look and will be very different from any bathroom you ever seen.

 It is very important to combine the color and template of your carpet to the overall design of the room and interior. For the interior of teenager rooms colorful and lively rugs and carpets should be chosen where as more classical rugs should be used to enrich the interior spaces and make it cozier and warm. Before selecting a rug you need to think which room interior are you buying it for. Another very important thing to consider when buying carpet is what is the room and what is the intensively of people that will walk over this carpet.

For Bedroom or your private office or library you can choose less durable and brighter carpet. But for the living room or the hallways you must choose carpet that will resist the hi-traffic over it. If possible choose darker color or material that can be cleaned easily. But most important is to get a carpet that you feel and think is good looking and will fit perfectly to the spot you chosen in your room.


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