Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BMW i8 Concept

This is another concept car design from BMW. The car is supposed to be a sports car with very interesting design. The car is named i8 Concept. The i8 follow the philosophy of the brand for new models to be more ecological and eco-friendly. The concept is hybrid and is using in combination modified electric drive system that is fitter over the front axle and three-cylinder combustion engine with high-performance with power of 220 hp. (164kw). The i8 can use only the electric engine and is very economical, but when you need to use and fell the power of the car like a real sport scar the two engines work together. This helps the car to be very powerful but in the same time fuel-efficient. 

The car gets from 0 to 100 m\h (62 mph) under five seconds. The fuel consumption is from 3 to 5/6 liters according to the style of driving. The car is using large lithium-ion battery. Using only the battery the car can travel about 35 kilometers which is pretty well for short city trips. This can make the car totally emission free. The battery can be charged from standard electrical power supply. The car looks very sporty and sleek but there is enough room for four people in the car. Interesting part of the design are the two upward-swiveling doors that when opened make space for entrance to the front and rear seats.

Because of the heavy weight of the battery every other part in the car is designed and reshaped for minimum weight. The materials used for the cockpit are very light but in the same time strong. The safety of the passengers is very important and the car was tested in many crash test for maximum security. This car is still only a concept but the technologies and design are changing and very soon we will be able to see a car like this on the road.


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