Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cloud Softlight by Molo

If you have a high ceiling room this is one of the most unique and modern design solution for you to light your room or home. You can turn your boring ceiling into fabulous sky arranged by you. Those are Cloud Softlight that provides beautiful and very smooth ambient light. The shape of the lights is like a cloud so you can really arrange your own sky in the room.

 The light used for the Cloud Softlight is LED, this with the combination of the soft material that the lamps are made give us the effect of blurry light that makes the clouds flying. The lights are suspended from the ceiling so you can very easily rearrange their position and with this accomplish a very new feeling in the room. There are four different sizes of clouds 22" 34" 46" and the biggest one is 64". As expected for this designer Cloud Softligh the price raise with the size. You can have one of this lamp for the following price according to the size about 450$ for the smaller, 700$ for the next size, 1.100 $ and the biggest for the price of about 1700$.


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