Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Constantine table by Silva Bradshaw

The tables are used in many ways in our day life, coffee tables, office desk, eating tables and many more. Despite the variety when you hear table you imagine for legs and rectangle top. But Silva Bradshaw change the conception of the regular table it Constantine table designed by them. Silva/Bradshaw is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2010 by artist and designers Matthew Bradshaw and Sergio Silva. The designers first met when they were studying at New York's Pratt Institute Industrial Design. Now their studio is in Brooklyn where they designed the Constantine table. 

The top of the plot is like a standard for a table, but what is interesting is the design of the base of the table. The leg of the table is only one and is half a tube but also in an angle. This makes the illusion that this modern table won’t be able to stay stable and will fall on its side. But there is no such thing the Constantine table is very solid and looks amazing. The material used for Silva Bradshaw table is Cristal plant. The dimensions of the table are 51"x 23"x 14".


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