Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exploded Bar by Charles Kalpakian

This is really interesting design idea for a bar storage. If you are looking for something that will draw the attention to it of your guest stop looking. You found it. This is the Exploded Bar by Charles Kalpakian. The idea behind this unique and modern design is to make this bar looks and even feel like its exploding. But you don't get blasted furniture but beautifully design illusion of the first moments of the explosion. The illusion is accomplished with the cracks in the front of the desk. To make the illusion even bigger there are backlights that make the feeling very strong and really gives it the realistic effect of exploding from within. The finished product is very stylish and can be perfectly fit in every modern room. The material that The Exploded Bar is made is oak wood. So if you are a fan of movies and special effects this is perfect bar for you what’s more you will get special attention from everyone just for holding one of these in the living room.


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