Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hockenheimer stool and newspaper organizer

This is the Hockenheimer created and designed by Njustudio. They are design studio located in Coburg, Germany. This innovative idea for furniture is made with the idea to save space and arrange your excess newspapers and magazines. The Hockenheimer is handmade. The materials used for creating this creative modern looking furniture are wooden birch for the stand and leather straps or red nylon straps holding the papers. For better comfort on top of the construction is a soft pillow. The pillow is made from recycled materials so the color can't be changed and is the same for all the versions.

Even now its the information era we still use newspapers and magazines. But what we do with them when they stack up. The solution is Hockenheimer chair by Njustudio. The idea is to stack and then wrap the magazines and with this to create a chair of used newspapers and magazines. The straps can be adjusted so we can use only a couple of magazines or a big tower of them. This solution is innovative and creative but in the same time very stylish and suitable for every modern home. There are two versions of Hockenheimer: the bigger is with a newspaper size 41.5 х 30.5 cm. And the other is with magazine size 30.5 х 25.0 cm. The price for this furniture is about 128.50 euro.


Anonymous said...

Wonder why it is named the Hockenheiemer. I live in the U.S. and my name is Hockenheimer.

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