Monday, August 8, 2011

Hornstol by Anton Bjorsig

The corners are one of the difficult places for arrangement and designing. You must find something really good so it can overflow from one wall to the other and making the corner more soft and not isolated place. Anton Bjorsig seems to have the same problem, so he designed the double chair specially designed for corners Hornstol. The stool is made from wood and the finished color is black. The combination is from two chairs combined together and connected with wood lines. 

The Construction is bended so the chairs split one wall for each one but at the same time staying connected together. One of the chairs form Hornstol is closer to the wall as the other is on a little bit longer distance from the corner. If used by two persons together maybe the communication will not be the best but the position and the felling defiantly are. Hornstol by Anton Bjorsig is very stylish and will fit in any modern room you just need to combine it with your other furniture. The black color of the stool helps it to be combined with various furniture and to match any interior style.


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