Friday, August 12, 2011

LEDoorHandle - Handle that turns to flashlight

This is one of those items that can change your day life (or we can say nightlife) and make it easier. The idea is very good and is multifunctional. This is the LEDoorHandle. The designers behind this idea are Kei Shimizu Nguyen-vu Dang and Kun-hee Kim. The idea is to help people in the dark. It can be just a normal night when you wake up and try to find the door so you can go to the bathroom or the kitchen, or it can be a blackout and there is no power at your home this door handle will still guide you to the safety.

 The LEDoorHandle is not only a handle but also a flashlight that is charging when connected as a handle. When in please the handle emits soft mood light that keeps you informed where the door and its handle are. But if you have an emergency or need to light your way, you just take the handle off the door and you have a perfect flashlight. The light is accomplished with LED's so you get long lasting and bright light. Another interesting part is that in normal situation the light on the LEDoorHandle is soft and mood but with its moving sensor it can sense you movements and the light get brighter.


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