Friday, August 26, 2011

Lux Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

This is design of chair that changes the perspective of the regular chairs and brings something new and unique. You probably never expected to see the head of a Rhino at the back of a chair. But don't be shocked that much the head is not real. The Rhino Chair is designed by Maximo Riera. Whilst predominantly working in photography, painting and sculpture, he has also published a collection of poetry. Inspired by his travel and experiences through Europe and the Caribbean Islands, Maximo's vibrant use of color and evocative attention to detail have been an inspiration which convey the meaning of his creations and animal like chairs. He is born in Asturias Spain. He is now working in his studio in Cadiz Spain.

 The chair is tree-legged as the front legs are wooden and the back leg is played by the head of the Rhino. The chair is very luxurious and looks really stylish in the black color that the designer chosen. The chair is perfect presenter of the mixture of nature and classic home furniture and what’s more the result is very impressive. So if you have the guts to take this furniture to your room you won't be sorry. The chair is not only looking aristocratic but is also very comfortable.


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