Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mr Smith the Second by Anthony Hartley

This colorful chair is named Mr Smith the Second. The multicolor used in the creating and designing were supposed to look like a really big candy. The designer of this chair is Anthony Hartley. He is designer based in Yorkshire. What is interesting in Mr Smith the Second, is that the chair is made by hand from the beginning to the end. Every piece of furniture that comes from Anthony Hartley is first drawn by hand from him then designed and constructed to the finished product all by him. 

The colors used in this chair are various as only the sides are in one color. One is light blue and the other one is orange. The designer wants to share his vision on forms and colors which describe motion giving each piece a sense of force tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials. The whole chair looks like a big candy that is laid on the ground when still melting and cooled down. The design is very playful. This chair is perfect for lounge cafes and bars or for your personal room, but you have to consider the other furniture. 


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