Monday, August 15, 2011

Punch Light by Reinhard Dienes

This modern looking light is designed by Reinhard Dienes and is called 'Punch light'. Reinhard Dienes is from Germany and from 2010 is in his new studio in Frankfurt, Germany. The light is made from powder coated steel that has round form. The light punch trough the small holes that are all over the base. The lamp can be ordered in every color that you wish, this is possible because the coating of the material. The punched part of the design is big enough to use the light as a standard ceiling light or as a table lamp.

 ‘Punch light’ is currently (22 July – 18 August 2011) on show at the Stilwerk limited edition design gallery in Hamburg as part of the Projektraum 1.0. The light that comes after the diffuser of 'Punch light' is very interesting and soft. The holes on the base of the lamp create this modernistic pattern of shadows on the walls or the floor. The result is very contemporary and is perfect for every modern designed living room or why not for extra passion in the bedroom.


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