Monday, August 22, 2011

Slice Glass Set by Vasiliy Butenko

This is one very unique set of glasses and bottle. The design is very innovative and modernistic and turns the idea of the regular drinking glass. The set is named Slice Glass by Vasiliy Butenko who is living and working in Ukraine. His main fields of work are Interior Design and Product Design. The idea behind the design is that the bottom of the glasses and the bottle are in angle and keep the liquid inside in very interesting and modernistic form. 

The glasses even empty are looking very good but when filled it is like the liquid inside them is floating in the air and is not touching the bottom. The glasses are made that way they can be used both ways. And again good idea from the designer is that when turned like upside down with the smaller circle up the glasses can be filled with more liquid that when in normal position. The set can come in various colors of the glass as also the glass can be matted. The Slice Glass set is perfect for you special moment when you are drinking hi quality and very special liquor. This is really eye-catching and will be very attractive to your guests.


pedro said...

same function as always but very aesthetic...

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