Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spin Vehicle Concept by Matias Conti

Today we present to you a concept vehicle not only in design but in form and function also. The designer of this concept is Matias Conti. He is finished his education in National University of Mar del Plata. The designer is currently located in Beijing, China. His specialties are Industrial Design, Illustration and Industrial Packaging. Matias Conti is involved in the whole process of product release form design sketches, research to construction and manufacturing. 

The concept is named Spin vehicle. It can transform from one form to another. The main idea of the concept is to change the position of the driver and the height of the vehicle from the ground. The Spin vehicle is tree-wheeler as in the front there are two and one at the back. The wheels at the front are bigger for better control and traction. The steering on this concept is accomplished by two joysticks at the driver’s fingertips and also like regular motors the driver can use his own body weight for additional help at steering. The power from the battery that is position in the front is transfer to the wheel in the back.


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