Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tati and Kala lights by Arturo Álvarez

This is a lamp collection named The Tati and Kala sconce lighting fixtures by Arturo Álvarez. The studio is devoted to the design and production of all kind of decorative lamps. They try to make unique and very personal items that are suitable for private and public places. The studio is presented in more than 50 countries all over the world. The material used in this collection is metallic mesh and silicone. The design is very modern and perfect for the living room. The light coming from Tati and Kala sconce is mood and very soft and calm. The fixtures are static but the design is full of motion and life.

 The Tati lamp form the collection is with round shape with little circles texture. The Kala is made from different in length and shape lines.   The design of the both lamps in Tati and Kala collection is made that way the light is coming from the top and the bottom of them.  The material is semi transparent so the light comes in the front too. The result is very calm and relaxing light for everyone.


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