Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tree Lamp Collection by Estudi Ribaudi

The nature is one of the most relaxing things. When we are in the nature we forget our job and stress. The design of the furniture that resembles nature plants or animal is very popular these days. The Tree Lamp Series by Estudi Ribaudi located in Spain is trying to achieve exactly this but and add something else. The idea of this collection of lamp is that the tree is growing from the ground and at the top where is the lampshade there is the beginning of the light. The collection of lamps can be purchased in different colors as the main of them are white and black. Estudi Ribaudi lamps come in big variety. 

You can order table lamps, hanging fixtures, and large, stand-alone pieces. The base of these lamps is made from metal as the lampshade is made from textile. All of the elements in the Tree Lamp line come with base that looks like a branches of a tree growing up to the lampshades. The collection is very fresh and is one very good way to bring the nature at home. Just looking at the lamps give you the feeling you are somewhere outside in the nature.


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