Monday, September 26, 2011

Lux carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel

This is one very luxurious and contemporary bath tub. The design is very sophisticated and eye-catching. You can be sure that there will be very strong first impression. The design and production of this even futuristic looking bathtub is from Corcel. What is very interesting beside the external look is and the material that the thumb is made completely from carbon fiber. 

There are black stripes along the thumb to make it look like in motion and make it look faster and speeding. The shape is aerodynamic and the finish color is black. The top finish is made that way it reflect any interior light in the premises. This bathtub is part of the limited collection named "No 1". This piece of design can be filled with 330 liters of water or if you are more extravagant with milk or champagne. The development of each bathtub last about 7 months. The dimensions of No 1 are as follows: 2, 43 m long, 1, 23 m wide and 0, 64 m tall. The design and the color won't fit to everyone style and expectations, but the ones that do will have very modern interior bathtub that will be the center of any bathroom.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portable Cozy Bonfire for the family

The winter is coming! We all will need the coziness of warmth. And what is the coziest thing when talking about warming, this definitely is the fire. Everybody loves to stay near the fire. Usually the whole family is gathering around it. This is portable Cozy Bonfire. It is very creative heating system for your home. The design is made to look like exactly like a fire, but you can take it everywhere you go. The main part of the fire is the logs, as they are separate and can e used on their own. Every logs is with bigger weight in the bottom so they can stand up alone.

The logs are charging with induction from the base. The fire can be used with all logs at one place, or if you need to go to your room and stay alone, you get a piece of the fire and the warmth with you. The Cozy Bonfire is very easy to be used. At the top of the logs there is a button for switching on and off. Little cirlces tells you how much energy is left depending on their size. As long as the logs are on the base they are charged. This is a perfect solution for every home. Stay in the center with all the warmth, or take a little piece of it with you, the choice is yours.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dichotomy Chair by Jean Damien Lury

This is design from the new design studio Lury Furniture. Jean-Damien Lury is the designer who manages this studio and presents to us the Dichotomy Chair. The design studio brings high quality and functional furniture’s. The material used for construction this chair is Black Walnut American Wood and Rippled European Sycamore wood. The price of the chair corresponds to its quality and modernistic look. If you want to buy a set of six you will need around £7,000 - £10,000. If you are wondering can you fit this modern chair in your room here are the dimensions 450mm wide, 600mm deep, and 1,110mm high.

 Dichotomy brings together a traditional ladder-back chair design inspired by Ernest Gimson (an architect-designer working during the arts and craft movement at the turn of the last century) which has slats that play with positive and negative space - slats get wider as they rise up the chair back and the space between them gets smaller - with a modern curve as the seat.

Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn

Everybody loves sofas. After a long day you sit or lie down and relax in it. There are a lot of different kinds of sofas, one for watching TV, another for the kitchen, maybe for the guest to sleep of for relaxing in the living room. The Swiss designer Alexander Rehn thought all of that and created the Cay sofa. This is really multifunctional by all means Sofa. 

The design is really unique concept shape - shifting. The sofa is divided to many pieces as everyone is connected with special hinges. The sofa adapts to the person sitting or laying over it and follows the natural curves of the person.  The sofa is like a plastic in the users hands it can twist turn and change its shape. The sofa i colored in black and only the base is made in white. So if you want to have multifunctional designer furniture that can be used in almost all situations then you definitely need the Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn.

Here is a video of the project

cay sofa alexander rehn from Alexander Rehn on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Modular fireplace Skema by Mario Ferrarini

This is something new for our website. This is a modular fireplace Skema. The designer of Skema is Mario Ferrarini. This is a form of a minimalist design in the fireplaces. The result is very beautiful and slick. The main idea of this fireplace is to be functional. There is a variety of modules to be used to create the perfect looking and functional fireplace.

There are many wood storage compartments but in the same time they can be used as shelves. The combustion chamber is made of Corten steel or black lacquered finish and features locking glass-ceramic.  The modular wall fireplace is designed for Antonio Lupi, the Italian designer known for his multifaceted furniture designs. The Skema is very customizable and can be used only the combustion chamber or with any modules for storing wood. 
The modules are easily added and removed from the construction. This gives you the great ability to change the look of Skema depending on your needs. If you want modern and stylish look you include only the modules like shelves. But if you want the warmed of the home and need more wood you can include the wood storage modules. The variants are really many that are why this is the perfect fireplace for any home. Suitable for your hut up in the mountain or the contemporary living room in the big city center.

Plantable - living table in your room.

 JAILmake is the creative partnership of Liam Healy and Jamie Elliott they are modern design studio based in South East London. They aim to use their in house resources as much as possible, employing local crafts-people and using, where possible, recycled and recyclable materials. Liam Healy and Jamie Elliott are experienced in designing and building large scale installations, sculptures and interactive exhibition pieces. This marvelous idea not only for the design but and for its function is called Plantable. 

This table combines function and nature. Each leg of the table becomes a trellis. You can plant there any kind of plant to grow at your own living or dining room. There is a big variety of plant that can be planted in the legs of the table. The designers tested with climbers, vines, tomatoes, grapes, herbs and sweet peas but you can try with another by your choice.

 The whole Plantable table is handmade. Every metal leg and bended steel framework is made by hand. The top of the table is also handmade form English oak wood. The table is very fine designed and produced. The final product is perfectly finished. The plants can grow from one leg of the table to the steel frame and to another leg. You can improvise with the number and the type of the planted plants in the Plantable table.

Solar Coral Lamps by Marko Vuckovic

Those amazing lights are the Coral lamps. The designer is Marko Vuckovic. Marko Vuckovic was born 12.10.1985 in Bor and graduate of Polytechnic University of Belgrade in 2009 with a major in Industrial Design. Participated in numerous group art exhibitions and won several awards in the field of visual arts.

 The lamps bring the aquatic theme at your home not only with look but also with feel and atmosphere. The lamps makes you forget the four wall room where you are and make you feel like you are somewhere far away or deep in the ocean. The light emitted form this lamps is very mood and relaxing. The lamps have solar panels at their base and produce there light from the sun power. The lamps are completely eco-friendly as the only use solar power. The lamps must be situated near a window or place with good sun power as the Coral lamps saves energy from the sun for the night. 

The light is looking very good as in the day so at the night. At the day the Coral lamps are perfect addition for your living room filing it with freshness and modernistic look. At night when the light start emitting the effect is beautiful. The light emits soft light that act very relaxing and comforting to the people.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Royeroid Armchair by Robert Stadler

This is the Royeroid Armchair by Robert Stadler. His anachronistic levity and his anticipation of freer forms in our habitat make his merits beyond question. He managed to create useful sculptures with irresistible ergonomics. The sofa design is very modern and contemporary. The sofa comes in variety of colors as red, blue and black. Very interesting is that beside the big forms and perfect finish everything is handmade. The materials used for making the Royeroid Armchair are wood for the base skeleton foam for filling the chair and upholstered fabric for the final finish. 

The fabric is personally selected and very finely chosen with reference series used a hairy and very soft textile. The sofa design is modernistic and is perfect addition of any stylistic home. The sofa is not only good looking but also is very comfortable. The Royeroid Armchair was presented at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery booth during the Design Miami/ Basel show in Basel, Switzerland. The armchair is very luxurious and expensive, some samples can be found at online stores at the price over 20 000 Euros.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Plooop Carbon Fiber Chair by Timothy Schreiber

New forms and new materials are always driven the world of design. Everything new and contemporary is welcomed and looked with passion from both the designers and the customers. The Plooop Chair from Timothy Schreiber who live and work in London UK consist the both. The super slick and space design chair is made completely form carbon fibers. To achieve this designer based in UK Timothy Schreiber worked together with Fi-tech Ltd, the UK’s leading aerospace and motorsports carbon fiber manufacturers. The original design of this chair is made from plywood.

 The chair is made from three general loops. Now with the new material used for construction the result is beyond imaginations. The look is very modernistic and luxury. The Plooop Chair is only 5 mm thick and the total weight of just 2.5 kilograms. The chair is very light and perfectly finished with the carbon fibers used for manufacturing. Timothy Schreiber really brings a new wave in design furniture’s, with this very fresh and modern chair. The Plooop Chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as the carbon fiber is very durable. Perfect for everyone who has a taste for futuristic design.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

HAL Table by Matthew Hilton

This is HAL Table by Matthew Hilton. He has learned from every piece he's designed, whether it was because it allowed him to work in a new material, with a new manufacturer or for stylistic reasons. "All of my pieces are loaded with meaning and memory and are very personal to me," says the British designer. Hilton, however, is quick to add that he doesn't believe in design movements, and instead prefers to think of the design process as part of the evolution of any object through history. 

The table use geometrical forms for its design. HAL Table is made from wood polished and painted in white and glass top. The base is made from nine exactly the same parts that are combined in very interesting way and compose this modern and stylish base for the HAL table. The table is fairly small and is perfect for coffee table. Its design is very clean and slick and will be perfect for any room form the office to the living room.

Fioriness Lamps by Laurent Corio

Today we present this very artistic modern and unique idea for table lamps. What you see is Fioriness Lamps that are designed by the French designer Laurent Corio. The lamps are not only unique by their design but also and in the way they are make. Each lamp is made from hand blown glass, meaning every piece is different from the others abut in the same time keeping the main idea of the design.

The final product is very smooth and clean glass with no imperfections but only pure joy for the eyes of the customers. The idea behind these table lamps is to look like real flowers. Laurent Corio makes the light inside the glass vase to be like a real flower with the light bulb as the top of the flower. The lamp can be taking out of its glass but it still looks very beautifully and silk. The top of the lamp is very different on every piece because of the hand-blowing and you have to choose a lamp that will best fit you. But choose will not be very hard because every Fioriness lamp is finished perfectly and have its own unique charm.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crossover collection of chairs by Ben Fredriksson

This is the fresh and colorful collection of chairs Crossover by the designer Ben Fredriksson. He is carpenter and very creative furniture designer from Finland. The chairs in this collection are meant for all different places. They are wooden and can be used indoor and outdoor. They are perfect for your garden, balcony, living room or even your old school style club. The chair is inspired by the design of the classic 70s chairs. The chair is perfect for relaxing and lounging near the pool.

The chair is made from ash wood and is painted in different colors with oiled paints. The chair comes in five basic colors that you can choose from. The colors are black, white, yellow, red and blue. But you have different idea for the perfect color there is a solution for you. Ben Fredriksson offers a chart with custom colors that you can pick and make your perfect chair. The Crossover Chair is foldable and can be stored in minimum space and if you have six chairs set they will take the space of only one regular chair. The collection of those modern Crossover chairs is still not in production but if you really like the idea you can contact the designer and discus it with him.

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