Friday, September 23, 2011

Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn

Everybody loves sofas. After a long day you sit or lie down and relax in it. There are a lot of different kinds of sofas, one for watching TV, another for the kitchen, maybe for the guest to sleep of for relaxing in the living room. The Swiss designer Alexander Rehn thought all of that and created the Cay sofa. This is really multifunctional by all means Sofa. 

The design is really unique concept shape - shifting. The sofa is divided to many pieces as everyone is connected with special hinges. The sofa adapts to the person sitting or laying over it and follows the natural curves of the person.  The sofa is like a plastic in the users hands it can twist turn and change its shape. The sofa i colored in black and only the base is made in white. So if you want to have multifunctional designer furniture that can be used in almost all situations then you definitely need the Cay Sofa by Alexander Rehn.

Here is a video of the project

cay sofa alexander rehn from Alexander Rehn on Vimeo.


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