Sunday, September 4, 2011

Creative Brush Hooks by Dominic Wilcox

This is a result of very creative challenge, to take an everyday object, reshape rebuild and change it purpose to create an entirely new object. The main idea is to be used very little or only one item to achieve this goal, and make something very creative modernistic and very usefully. This challenge was taken very seriously by the British designer Dominic Wilcox and come up with a great idea. The idea comes really in interesting way. He forgot to wash with brushes after painting.

Then he found that heir bristles have become hardened with paint. This was the beginning of Brush Hooks. This is a series of paint brushes that have hardened bristles in various directions so they can be used as hooks. And they really can, they can be used you hang clothes, umbrellas or anything else that is not very heavy. The collections are very modern and look very good on the wall as you can see from the photos. The brushes come separately from each other and this gives you the freedom to arrange them in any way you like and thing will be better.


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