Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fioriness Lamps by Laurent Corio

Today we present this very artistic modern and unique idea for table lamps. What you see is Fioriness Lamps that are designed by the French designer Laurent Corio. The lamps are not only unique by their design but also and in the way they are make. Each lamp is made from hand blown glass, meaning every piece is different from the others abut in the same time keeping the main idea of the design.

The final product is very smooth and clean glass with no imperfections but only pure joy for the eyes of the customers. The idea behind these table lamps is to look like real flowers. Laurent Corio makes the light inside the glass vase to be like a real flower with the light bulb as the top of the flower. The lamp can be taking out of its glass but it still looks very beautifully and silk. The top of the lamp is very different on every piece because of the hand-blowing and you have to choose a lamp that will best fit you. But choose will not be very hard because every Fioriness lamp is finished perfectly and have its own unique charm.


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