Monday, September 26, 2011

Lux carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel

This is one very luxurious and contemporary bath tub. The design is very sophisticated and eye-catching. You can be sure that there will be very strong first impression. The design and production of this even futuristic looking bathtub is from Corcel. What is very interesting beside the external look is and the material that the thumb is made completely from carbon fiber. 

There are black stripes along the thumb to make it look like in motion and make it look faster and speeding. The shape is aerodynamic and the finish color is black. The top finish is made that way it reflect any interior light in the premises. This bathtub is part of the limited collection named "No 1". This piece of design can be filled with 330 liters of water or if you are more extravagant with milk or champagne. The development of each bathtub last about 7 months. The dimensions of No 1 are as follows: 2, 43 m long, 1, 23 m wide and 0, 64 m tall. The design and the color won't fit to everyone style and expectations, but the ones that do will have very modern interior bathtub that will be the center of any bathroom.


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