Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nest Chair by Markus Johansson

This is the Nest chair by Markus Johansson. The design studio is located in central Gothenburg. The designer won many awards as some of them are Second prize in Glimakra design completion 2010 and Honorable mention by Green Furniture Award 2010. But let see the product that came from this studio. The chair is made and look like a real nest, like the birds make there's from small roots and branches Markus Johansson make their chair same way. 

The chair is completely eco friendly not only by his name but also and by the materials used for constructing it. The only material that is used is wood. The wood can be finished in any chosen color blue, red or even black. The form of the chair is accomplished completely free form as all the pegs are twisted and chaotically combined to achieve this form. The pegs are drilled in CNC milling machine for the perfect fit. The chair is looking very modern and will be perfect addition for any home. The materials are eco friendly and can be used inside or outside our homes. 


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