Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plantable - living table in your room.

 JAILmake is the creative partnership of Liam Healy and Jamie Elliott they are modern design studio based in South East London. They aim to use their in house resources as much as possible, employing local crafts-people and using, where possible, recycled and recyclable materials. Liam Healy and Jamie Elliott are experienced in designing and building large scale installations, sculptures and interactive exhibition pieces. This marvelous idea not only for the design but and for its function is called Plantable. 

This table combines function and nature. Each leg of the table becomes a trellis. You can plant there any kind of plant to grow at your own living or dining room. There is a big variety of plant that can be planted in the legs of the table. The designers tested with climbers, vines, tomatoes, grapes, herbs and sweet peas but you can try with another by your choice.

 The whole Plantable table is handmade. Every metal leg and bended steel framework is made by hand. The top of the table is also handmade form English oak wood. The table is very fine designed and produced. The final product is perfectly finished. The plants can grow from one leg of the table to the steel frame and to another leg. You can improvise with the number and the type of the planted plants in the Plantable table.


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amazing !

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