Friday, September 9, 2011

Plooop Carbon Fiber Chair by Timothy Schreiber

New forms and new materials are always driven the world of design. Everything new and contemporary is welcomed and looked with passion from both the designers and the customers. The Plooop Chair from Timothy Schreiber who live and work in London UK consist the both. The super slick and space design chair is made completely form carbon fibers. To achieve this designer based in UK Timothy Schreiber worked together with Fi-tech Ltd, the UK’s leading aerospace and motorsports carbon fiber manufacturers. The original design of this chair is made from plywood.

 The chair is made from three general loops. Now with the new material used for construction the result is beyond imaginations. The look is very modernistic and luxury. The Plooop Chair is only 5 mm thick and the total weight of just 2.5 kilograms. The chair is very light and perfectly finished with the carbon fibers used for manufacturing. Timothy Schreiber really brings a new wave in design furniture’s, with this very fresh and modern chair. The Plooop Chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as the carbon fiber is very durable. Perfect for everyone who has a taste for futuristic design.


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