Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portable Cozy Bonfire for the family

The winter is coming! We all will need the coziness of warmth. And what is the coziest thing when talking about warming, this definitely is the fire. Everybody loves to stay near the fire. Usually the whole family is gathering around it. This is portable Cozy Bonfire. It is very creative heating system for your home. The design is made to look like exactly like a fire, but you can take it everywhere you go. The main part of the fire is the logs, as they are separate and can e used on their own. Every logs is with bigger weight in the bottom so they can stand up alone.

The logs are charging with induction from the base. The fire can be used with all logs at one place, or if you need to go to your room and stay alone, you get a piece of the fire and the warmth with you. The Cozy Bonfire is very easy to be used. At the top of the logs there is a button for switching on and off. Little cirlces tells you how much energy is left depending on their size. As long as the logs are on the base they are charged. This is a perfect solution for every home. Stay in the center with all the warmth, or take a little piece of it with you, the choice is yours.


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